Big Data Use-Cases in Telecom, Media and Entertainment industry

Big Data use-cases in Telecommunications

In recent decade, telecom industry has seen data explosion due to increase in subscription, voice data record, wireless information, geo-location details, social media and data usages. Telecom companies who used legacy systems to gain insights from internally generated data often face issues of high storage costs, long data loading time, long administration process, complex queries, outdated compression techniques, and high support costs.   Many organizations are beginning to wake to the reality of big data. Here are some of the use cases for Big Data in Telco business.

1. Revenue assurance and price optimization

2. Customer churn prevention

3. Campaign management and customer loyalty

4. Call Detail Record (CDR) analysis

5. Network performance and optimization

6. Mobile User Location analysis

Big Data use-cases in Media & Entertainment

The media/entertainment industry moved to digital recording, production, and delivery in the past few years and is now collecting large amounts of rich content and user viewing behaviors on real-time basis. Few of the use cases are listed below:

1. Campaign management

2. Customer Sentiment Analysis

3. Customer Behavior Analysis

4. Ad targeting (search, display, mail)

5. Website optimization

6. Yield optimization

7. Click-through analysis

8. Click fraud analysis

9. Network usage analysis