9 Weeks TBDI Bootcamp on Big Data Analytics and Data Science – Starting April 18th

All –

We have received an overwhelming response to our Big Data Analytics and Data Science bootcamp. We have selected 15 participants based on our screening model for this round of Alpha release.

We will be reaching out to selected individuals this week to start the onboarding process. Congratulations!!! Other interested participants will be considered in our next round starting soon. Stay tuned!


Here’s the bootcamp schedule.

Boot Camp Schedule Date Technology Problem
Hadoop Basics and Data Management 18-Apr-14 Hadoop, CDS Loading and management multiple data sets in Hadoop
Combing Hadoop, NOSql and Cloud Sources of Data 25-Apr-14 Couchbase, AWS, Cirro, Tableau Combining multiple data sets from across multiple clouds
Visualization and Discovery 2-May-14 Tableau, S5, Data Explorer Visual analysis of large data sets.
Modeling Basics 9-May-14 R and Alteryx Setting up large data sets of analysis
Segmentation of Large Data Sets 16-May-14 R, Alteryx, Tableau Segmentation/scoring of large data sets
Unstructured Analysis #1 30-May-14 Data Explorer, Spark Finding Patterns in Unstructured Data
NLP Basics 6-Jun-14 Lucene Extracting meaning from social and other conversations
Large Scale Modeling with R 13-Jun-14 Rev R TBD
Streaming Analytics with Spark 20-Jun-14 Frost Realtime segmentation combining existing profiles and streaming realtime data