Invite to our Partner Event

I’d like to invite you to attend our webcast on Data De-identification – with Booz Allen Hamilton on April 23rd. We’re taking questions throughout and are giving away a pass to: the Chicago Cyber Incident Response Summit on June 21-23, 2014
If you would like to attend you can register here:

Let’s face it, there’s unrelenting pressure on IT to enable competitive advantage through new technology and use of data assets‒-but the business is driving initiatives that can push sensitive production data into more and more exposed areas. The key question is ‘How can you enable the business to be agile AND take a more proactive, programmatic approach to security at the same time?’ With the advanced threats that are pervasive today, it’s becoming increasingly dangerous for organizations to deploy new technologies and processes, and then reactively address the implications for data security in the ecosystem. You need a blueprint to reverse this trend in your organization.In this webinar, William Stewart, Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton and Jeff Lunglhofer, Principal of Booz Allen Hamilton–a leading management technology and consulting firm driving strategic innovation for clients–will discuss the top trends in cyber threat mitigation, data privacy, data governance, and data security, with Mark Bower, VP Product Management and Solutions Architecture at Voltage Security.

Attend this webinar to learn more about how to:
•Increase responsiveness and security in your IT environment and architecture
•Fight pervasive threats from inside and outside attack with data-centric technologies
•Raise your organization’s overall data privacy, compliance, and security profile
•Implement a new data de-identification framework across production, test & dev, and analytics use cases
•Proactively enable critical business initiatives

Best of luck! 

Zooming in to see the true value of audiences in media and entertainment – Live videochat event

Understanding audiences as individuals is difficult at any distance. Marketing, advertising and content professionals from across the media and entertainment landscape are struggling to zoom in on their consumers. As such, the role of big data, specifically audience data, and gaining insights through analytics is rising.

In the next episode of Big Data Bytes we’ll find out what is driving this change in the media and entertainment industry. We’ll also examine why media companies are looking to know as much as they can about their audiences at increasingly granular levels and, most importantly, we’ll uncover the role of privacy in an industry that’s getting more and more personal and potentially intrusive.

And then there’s the role of the second screen. Although this could probably be an hour long discussion (at least) on its own, we’re going to ask our panel how this plays into the shift of providing smarter customer experiences based on audience data.

Finally, we’ll talk about the data-driven shift we’re seeing in advertising. There’s an ongoing debate around what type of audience to hone in on and when to do that, specifically around wide broadcast versus micro-segments and individuals. We’ll ask when and where do each one of these targeting styles come into play.

I’ll be joined this week by special guest Ram Akella, Professor of Information Systems and Technology Management, and Director of the Center for Large Scale Analytics and Smart Services (CLASS) at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Throughout his career at top institutions such as Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, MIT and Stanford, Prof. Akella has been a leading researchers and instructor in data and text mining, interactive search, analytics and computational marketing. His expertise will add great depth and color to our conversation. 

Also joining me will be Anu Jain (@dinojain), media and entertainment industry leader on IBM Industry Smarter Solutions Team.

You can tweet questions to our panel using #BigDataBytes. Be sure to follow me, too: @graemeknows.

9 Weeks TBDI Bootcamp on Big Data Analytics and Data Science – Starting April 18th

All –

We have received an overwhelming response to our Big Data Analytics and Data Science bootcamp. We have selected 15 participants based on our screening model for this round of Alpha release.

We will be reaching out to selected individuals this week to start the onboarding process. Congratulations!!! Other interested participants will be considered in our next round starting soon. Stay tuned!


Here’s the bootcamp schedule.

Boot Camp Schedule Date Technology Problem
Hadoop Basics and Data Management 18-Apr-14 Hadoop, CDS Loading and management multiple data sets in Hadoop
Combing Hadoop, NOSql and Cloud Sources of Data 25-Apr-14 Couchbase, AWS, Cirro, Tableau Combining multiple data sets from across multiple clouds
Visualization and Discovery 2-May-14 Tableau, S5, Data Explorer Visual analysis of large data sets.
Modeling Basics 9-May-14 R and Alteryx Setting up large data sets of analysis
Segmentation of Large Data Sets 16-May-14 R, Alteryx, Tableau Segmentation/scoring of large data sets
Unstructured Analysis #1 30-May-14 Data Explorer, Spark Finding Patterns in Unstructured Data
NLP Basics 6-Jun-14 Lucene Extracting meaning from social and other conversations
Large Scale Modeling with R 13-Jun-14 Rev R TBD
Streaming Analytics with Spark 20-Jun-14 Frost Realtime segmentation combining existing profiles and streaming realtime data