Teradata West Coast-Los Angeles Region Event Agenda

April 15, 2014

Meeting   8:20am – 4:30pm
Networking Reception   4:30pm – 6:00pm


Marriott Manhattan Beach –  Map to Hotel
1400 Parkview Avenue  
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266  

Program Agenda

April 15, 2014
8:20am Welcome – Agenda, Surveys & Sponsors
8:30-9:20am Teradata 15.0 – Reaching outside of the box
Teradata 15.0 continues our integration of the Unified Data Architecture by simplifying and expanding the usage of the SQL Table Operator for external data access capability.  This means bi-directional access to Hadoop and Oracle as well as setting the stage for future connectivity.  We also go 3D with geospatial extensions and venture into the “Internets of Things” with JSON data types.
9:30-10:20am UDA Experiences  
Who has adopted UDA? Why? How hard was it? What value are Teradata customers seeing?  These questions and more, ranging from strategies for big data, to the best use cases and customer examples, to typical impediments and how to overcome them, will be covered.
10:30-11:20am Becoming a Data-Driven Business with Data Discovery
Big Data’s 3 Vs are incomplete without a fourth V – Value, which occurs when data across time, channels, geographies, sensors, and other data types are intelligently analyzed to discover insights that materially impact business. A Discovery Platform empowers you to create this value efficiently as it is designed for the unique characteristics of the discovery process and brings the science of data to everyone – business users, analysts and data scientists. 
11:30-12:20am Go Big with Data Platforms: Hadoop and Teradata 1700 
This session demystifies big data platforms and cuts through the hype to explain how Teradata views data platforms (Hadoop and Teradata 1700), how they fit in the UDA, what kinds of workloads customers are putting on Hadoop and the Teradata 1700, and describes the economics and best practice recommendations based on Teradata and Hortonworks field experience.
12:20pm Lunch & Networking
1:30-2:20pm To Cloud or Not to Cloud? This is the Question!
CIOs consistently state cloud is a top three technology priority. But confronted with myriad choices in providers, capabilities, and service options how does one choose the best fit? Or is cloud the right answer, especially for analytics? This session will discuss “analytics in the cloud” considerations including performance, security, scalability and more to help you determine the best path to deployment success. 
2:30-3:20pm Campaign Management 
With the release of Customer Interaction Manager 7 , Teradata has again raised the Campaign Management bar.  Enhancements to the Real-Time Interaction Manager (inbound marketing) module make it easier to leverage 3rd party tagging and interactional data-capture solutions to provide offer decisioning attributes and provide real-time push of these resulting offers to external web pages.  Enhancements to the base CIM product bring landing page design mechanics to the CIM/DMC user interface, provide a new module for Predictive Analytics, provide new Visual Insight templates and add new “data anywhere” and native database support structures.
 3:30-4:20pm Sponsor Presentation 
 4:20-4:30pm Wrap-up
 4:30-6:00pm Networking Reception