Big Data and Analytics Bootcamp – Announcement. RSVP by March 25, 2014

Big Data and Analytics Bootcamp

Limited Openings—Sponsored by TBDI and Battery Point Group

 What is it?  A virtual bootcamp on various topics surrounding big data techniques and technologies.  This is a collaboration by the participants vs. a structured class presented by an outside group.

The computing environment, some of the data sets and certain class facilitation are being provided by the sponsors.


How long?  This is a twelve week program that will meet virtually on a weekly basis to review the material, facilitated discussion of the problem and brainstorming on the technical approach.


What is covered?  A series of use cases covering various industries will be covered.  They will involve the following technologies:


1.  Hadoop, NoSQL and Hybrid Storage

2.  Visualization and quick analysis

3.  Predictive and other modeling at scale

4.  Geospatial and network analysis

5.  NLP/Unstructured basics

6.  Optimization problems

7.  Stream computing


When and how will the class be conducted?  The class will take place at 3pm Pacific Friday afternoons.  We will use Skype, Go to Meeting or comparable depending on the attendees.

Prerequisites for attendees?  Some knowledge of analytical methods and data management is required.  Basic SQL skills and statistical analysis is helpful and experience in working on analytical problems from engineering, life sciences or economics is preferred.

MOST IMPORTANTLY is a desire to learn and share with the group.  This will require significant self direction and research with all members expected to provide valuable findings that can be shared.


How much is it?   For this session, there is no fee other than if the group elects to have in-person meetings.  We have arranged for the use of a computing cloud , software and open data sets.

We will need to manage the computing used to ensure that we stay within our allotted resources.


 About Battery Point Group:  Battery Point is boutique venture firm that also has a design lab to assist large companies and entrepreneurs with innovation.  We have offices in Southern and Northern California.


About TBDI:

 The TBDI is a leading premier source of information for Big Data and Advanced Analytics. TBDI a professional voluntary organization with over 10000 global members for Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Advanced Data Visualization mainly executives and professionals.


 If you are interested, please RSVP to Sushil (Nick) Pramanick ( or Joe Baird ( by March 25, 2014.


Class will begin has soon as we have coordinated the attendees.