Top Big Data Posts for Year 2013 !!!

To close the busy 2013 year, here is the list of Top blogs for the Year 2013 by TBDI.

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Home page / Archives 3,660
Big Data Use-Cases – Retail, Manufacturing and Auto Industry 1,515
Big Data Use-Cases in Telecom, Media and Entertainment industry 1,500
Big Data Use-cases – Banking and Financial Services 1,415
Our Favorite 40+ Big Data use-cases. What’s your? 1,129
Big Data Use-cases – Insurance, Energy and Utilities, Travel and Hi-Tech 1,080
Big Data Use-Cases in Healthcare – Provider, Payer and Care Management 896
10 Big Data Implementation Best Practices 887
Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystem – For Beginners! 652
Will Hadoop replace or augment your Enterprise Data Warehouse? 486
7 steps to Advanced Predictive Analytics! 377
About TBDI 270
Top 10 Blogs so far this year 212
Addressing the big data security! 189
Wonder how to start your Big Data POC / Lab? 165
Hadoop meets SQL 149
Building your Launch Team! 120
Big Data Scientists, Architects, Lead and Developer Needed for IBM – Immediate Need!!! 119
The Hadoop Data Warehouse! 114
Running Hadoop in the Cloud 108
6 Steps to Start Your Big Data Journey 105
Big Data making the difference in Retail industry! 96
Big Data Analytics – Acquire, Grow and Retain Customers 89
Using Big Data Analytics in Healthcare 83
Join TBDI – The Big Data Institute! 77
Invitation to The Big Data Institute (TBDI) Partnership program 70
Who will drive your Big Data Bus? Executive leadership in a new age – By Joseph Baird 57
Analytics in Banking Services 45
Predicting Customer Behavior with Analytics! 44
Facebook and Twitter Social Media Analytics – From White House to Boardroom! 38
A new type of Blog? What Big Data might mean to the business 29
Welcome to new Partners and Alliances 27
Big Data = more diverse data 24
I wonder if exploiting Big Data will enable big companies to grow even bigger or whether it will enable smaller companies to compete with them to level the playing field? 23
Big Data…Defi… 21
Regulation – a class of Big Data apps 21
Join us this Thursday, May 2nd for our next Big Data Developer Meetup! 17
Making the most of what you have 17
Policy for Establishing New TBDI Chapters 13
TBDI Definition… 10
TBDI Big Data & Data Science Meetup in So California, USA 8
Natural Selection in Business – Does using Big Data provide a sustainable advantage? 5
The TBDI News! 4
Reserve your seat now – TBDI Big Data MeetUp: Big Data Analytics and Data Science – 2014 Trends 4
Being Bold and Big with your Big Data Pilots 4