A new type of Blog? What Big Data might mean to the business

Hi, it’s a great pleasure to be posting my first entry on TBDI blog. This won’t be a collection of fairly random observations or comments  and it won’t be too technical because in truth, there are just too many such blogs around today. Instead I’m going to examine data issues very much from a business perspective


In the last couple of centuries or so there has been some prescribed order in the world of business. Big subsumed small, powerful overcame week and the rich made times very tough for the poor. In broad terms, the outcome has been that the world is dominated by old and traditional companies which have become rich and powerful whilst amassing unbelievable wealth. This situation has been fine for many, many years but as we shall see, what was fine before is maybe unsustainable now.


This will be my theme for a while during which  I’ll examine the role Big Data might take in shaping business based on many lessons I hoped we had learned over the last 20 years or so. Next entry…….next week sometime, I’m going for a schedule of one per week!!

Jon Page Thought Leader EMEA TBDI


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